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Classified Ads

Product Image
Water Heater Smart Switch Voice Control No Hub Needed With Timing FunctionReports show that water heating can make up almost one-third of a home’s energy use. That said, there are ways to manage and reduce this. Water heater smart switch offer an efficient way to do this by turning off the water heater when it’s not neededOur  20A Smart Home Water Heater Switch is of High quality, durable crystal tempered glass panel design that never fades. Very distinguished blue light indicator, no sparking contacts. This simple, elegant Wi-Fi switch works with any 20A rated load in homes, offices, hotels, and hospitals. It allows you to absolutely control your appliances from anywhere in the world. There is absolutely no limit to where you can turn ON/ Off from; just a touch of the Smart Specs App. Main Features of Water Heater SwitchThis Wi-Fi smart switch supports timer functions including a countdown timer. You can configure up to 8 timer settings. It also supports the network disconnect function that allows the timer to work normally without the network.Usage support: This Wi-Fi smart switch can be turned on or off by voice such as Alexia and the remote control function is quick and flexible.The touch switch supports 4400 Watts maximum power. It is suitable with most electrical devices and is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.Shared devices: Smart water heater switches support multiple control points shared by different family members. One mobile phone can also control several switches.Connect with other smart devices: You can connect with other smart devices for an intelligent and convenient life. You can create a home mode & link it with other smart devices to automatically turn on the water heater when you get home.key FeaturesUSA StandardSupport AlexiaWorks With Smart Specs AppNeutral Wire Require20A | 4400W