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Classified Services

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Helping Companies Make Smarter Hiring Decisions. Our pre-employment tests help companies know the skill, aptitude, and behavior abilities of each job candidate. Our unique platform gives access to 100+ tests for various job positions. Your team can also request a customized test, based on exactly the requirements of the job. You can test candidates remotely or in your office, whichever is easier for your hiring process.
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If you want to dispose of your car but do not want to do so without making a dime out of it, you can rely on us. Being the most dependable Junk Dealer in Marietta GA, we provide fair cash offers for all sorts of scraped cars regardless of their conditions. Just give us a call; our agent will schedule a pickup, and you will get paid once we get the keys. Our years of experience in helping clients to the best of our limits makes us rank among the best Junk Car Buyers in Marietta GA. Reach out to us, and let us take care of the rest.
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If you want to make your house more energy efficient, whether you have brick,wood,or stucco,consider getting insulation installed. You can find many insulation contractors in Marietta, GA. Each one of our contractors are bonded, licensed, and insured for your peace of mind.
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My Life Coaching will help you to navigate the path of self-awareness, examine issues including but not limited to: personal and professional growth, Spiritual grounding, obstacle/barrier exploration, trigger identification, bypass mechanisms maladaptive coping strategies and more. We will also goal set, examine your availability for relationships and preparedness for the partner you deserve.
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Andrew L Schwartz has the experience necessary to help you every step of the way, including bonds, arraignment, plea negotiations, motions, appeals, trials, and expungements.
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Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) is an award-winning strategic agency committed to creating high impact solutions for SMBs and Fortune 1000 companies. Our hybrid approach combines the intellectual capital of a business consulting firm with the creative execution of an advertising agency.
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At Redworc Technologies, We handle Migrations, Deployments, Decommissions, Cutover, and practical all telecom and Information Technology services. We also assist with Digital Marketing campaigns.I have over 10 years of experience in the IT Field as a Network Technician, PC Technician, Help Desk Support Specialist, and Network Administrator. I currently acquired new skills because of company growth and mission. Which has brought on New responsibilties such as the following:Lead Underwriter, Investment Strategist, Venture Capitalist, Philanthropy, and Private Equity Lending.I also am furthering understanding industry that Redworc Technologies is in by pursuing further training in Information Systems. I would like to finish this degree and pursue my graduate degree. So I can have the skills needed to fulfill my goal of running several data centers that are owned and operated by my company and targetting key investments.Specialties: Corporate Bond Underwriting, Critical Thinking, Competitive analysis, Internet Marketing, search engine optimization, and Analyzing IT needs. See Less
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At Cesar Auto Locksmith we are at your service 24 hours 7 days a week, for any residential or automotive locksmith need you might have. Your safety is our main goal. Our technicians are well trained and 15 minutes away from you. So if you ever find yourself stranded out of your home or out on the road, not being able to unlock your car, you can be rest assured that we will help you out any where any time.
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Honored to provide locksmith service in Marietta and at affordable prices.
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Victory Title Pawn is your trusted source for your immediate cash needs. When you need money and you have a “clear” title to your vehicle, you can use that title as collateral for the title pawn funding. So, if you have a car or passenger truck that is paid off you will qualify for a title pawn. Best of all, you get to keep your car or truck. Our goal is to provide you cash solutions in an easy to use, comfortable, and trusted manner.
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Find a Life Coach Marietta Ga is the local Find a Life Coach office in Marietta Ga, from which we connect everyday people and provide life coaching, career coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, training, mentoring, christian counseling, relationship counseling, marriage counseling to partner with them to take their life, family, relationships, business and spiritual life to the next level. Our team members include life coach, youth coach, business coach, executive coach, relationship coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, marriage counselor, family counselor, christian counselor and more. Once you plug into our system, get tested and create a profile, our team will work with you, changing strategies and coaches/counselors as you keep moving up the ladder and further into the life you're willing to work for and invest in. Don't waste another year, start today, call us at 404-982-4300