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Classified Services

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Welcome to Advent Counselling where we provide specialized counseling services for Christian marriages in Marietta. Our experienced and licensed therapists are dedicated to helping couples overcome challenges and strengthen their relationships through cognitive behavioral therapy, anxiety disorder counseling, couple counseling advice, and pre-marital counseling sessions.We provide adults with the skills to resolve or manage anxiety. We provide pre-marital and marriage counseling to couples who want to improve communication, connection, and conflict resolution through proven techniques. This may be accomplished on location in one of our convenient offices or virtually through a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.We recognize that your choice to attend therapy alone or with your spouse can be a challenge. It is our goal to work with you and/or your spouse to recognize strengths and develop these assets to help you overcome whatever barriers may be hindering your progress. At Advent Counseling, we listen, assess, and create a workable treatment plan to assist you in achieving your goals.Visit:
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Blue spade is a property management business dedicated to serving both owners and tenants in a high-quality professional manner. Our team has worked with countless property owners across the Atlanta area. We know the rental market and what it takes to keep our clients profitable and achieving impressive results, month after month. Our goal is to ensure every one of our clients receives the input and guidance they need. We are easy to reach and our friendly team is always to lend a helping hand.
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For hardwood floor installation or refinishing, kitchen remodeling, bath makeovers, or insurance repairs, in Marietta and the Atlanta Metro area, Moore Hardwood Floors and Renovations provides both residential and commercial customers with one-on-one attention. With over 40 years of wood floor experience, working with us leads to a finished project that meets or exceeds expectations.Sanding and finishing old or damaged floors, designing beautiful kitchens, upgrading bathrooms to the latest in functionality and design, are premium services offered by Moore Hardwood Floors and Renovations and performed by qualified professionals.
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We are part of Proforma – a $550 million global marketing solutions provider and an award-winning industry leader since 1978. With more than 750 member offices and 50,000 clients worldwide, Proforma partners with an extensive network of Print, Promotional and Apparel manufacturers and suppliers, creating buying power that’s second to none making us the One Source for all your brand marketing and graphic communications needs. We separate ourselves from other similar companies by offering affordable “Design on Demand” services. What is this? This service is for those quick projects where you, your staff or your advertising agency of record doesn’t have time to do or will take too long. We don’t compete with your agency or designers, we support them.