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Classified Services

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Hi, we’re the Laytons, Martez and Woodrina. We’re a licensed counselor and certified coach who believe marriage is more than a ceremony -- it’s an emotional investment in two souls working together. The challenges in our own 31 years of marriage led us on a journey of renewed strength and reminded us that every relationship can expect times of uncertainty. In fact, we founded our coaching and counseling practice with a mission to confront the most common of these obstacles, like overcoming premarital anxiety and extra-marital affairs. After decades of success, we’re proud to continue coaching couples and individuals through hardship with the guidance of our published work and virtual and in-person sessions. To us, there is no marital shortcoming that isn’t worth improving. If you, your partner, or both would like to begin the journey toward healing, strengthening, and enhancing your relationship, please reach out to request an appointment with Dream Builders Marriage Coaching & Counseling.
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As Dogwood Catering grows, each day holds a new level of passion for innovative menus and dedication to incomparable customer satisfaction. Whether an intimate affair or the biggest of bashes, Chef Will treats every person like family. From the first tasting to the last plate collected from the reception tables, Chef makes it his mission to spread happiness and good food! Dogwood can do bbq catering, wedding catering, mitzvahs & more. You don’t have to worry about catering costs or catering menus.Dogwood provides custom pricing & menu options so that you can be sure your wallet is just as satisfied as your stomach.